With decades of experience, multiple licensed real estate professionals on staff, and a diverse portfolio of properties managed, leased, purchased and sold throughout Los Angeles County, KAPE provides unparalleled neighborhood expertise and a uniquely personal experience when it comes to the marketing and sale or leasing of your property or the purchase of a new property.


Whether you are a first time buyer, downsizing, buying your dream home or looking for an investment property, KAPE will provide the steady guidance, dedicated time and nuanced expertise that you need to identify the right properties and settle on the right purchase. In addition to our intimate real estate knowledge of the geographical regions we serve, a primary benefit of working with KAPE on your purchase is that we are uniquely positioned to give insight on hidden costs and upkeep concerns because of our background in management. Whether it is the useful life a roof or upgrading an HVAC system, our licensed professionals lean on the knowledge of our management team so that you fully understand the condition of the property identified. The best news – using KAPE as your agent on a purchase won’t cost a dime!


If you’re considering selling your home, you won’t find a better partner than KAPE. Sellers today are often perplexed that in this age of technology and individual empowerment and knowledge that real estate professionals are still able to charge brokerage fees as high as 6%. We agree! Ask us about our 4% MAX program, which guarantees that you’ll never pay more than 4% commission, regardless of whether the deal involves a buyer’s agent or not. Our professionals will guide you through each and every step of the selling process from a financial and market analysis of your property, to staging, open houses and private showings, offer considerations and contract negotiations. We understand that the sale of a home is a substantial happening, and we don’t take our responsibilities lightly.


KAPE combines decades of traditional leasing experience with a robust cloud-based marketing and leasing technology to deliver landlords qualified prospects quickly. We post your vacancy on 40+ websites including all of the usual suspects as well as dozens of more niche platforms. We believe that open houses are for lazy realtors and make a point of scheduling private showings for each potential tenant at a time that is most convenient for them. Our intimate and current knowledge of the real estate and leasing markets allows us to provide unique insight to potential tenants and get top dollar for your vacancy.

With Kape Property Management, Inc. managing my property, I never have to worry about the tenants or the property.

Frank Smith

AAA Properties